Have you ever tried meditation ? Or this is already something you practice ? Have you added meditation to your daily routine? Or you just don't believe in meditation? It doesn't really matter I hope this write will be of your interest regardless in what group of audience you are.

Welcome on my post page. Thank you for your time. I would like to share my meditation experience with you.

“Meditation is healing, helping you in uncovering true you - the good person you already are.”

Meditation only sound complicated! it is something that you should not be afraid of or even more you should not be ashamed.

Quick introduction

So, what is Meditation? - it is a method of using specific techniques by individual. Those techniques are variable, but they all have the same objective. In the simplest words I can describe Meditation technique is mindfulness, focusing the mind on a certain thing, believe, thought, or activity. The ultimate goal is to train awareness and attention to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and steady state. Researchers have found meditation challenging to distinguish, as methods vary both between societies and within them.

Your meditation technique is fully designed and owned by you”

I can honestly admit that I was in the group of people who “did not believe in meditation” – if you can say this that way. Well, I didn’t believe it will be beneficial for me I considered it will be a waste of time. I’m active individual always with lots to do, hence I thought no… meditation is taking long time hence it is not for me.

I’m also the person who if committing to something, I must first know what it is exactly, and know the background of it, asking lots of questions about the topic. Years ago, when I was feeling down (it was a difficult time in my life as I was at UNI and working fulltime, worked 7 days a week and studying at evenings/nights, slept for maximum 3 hrs, I was exhausted). I knew I have to help myself with feeling constantly exhausted what ultimately was influencing my mood. One day out of nowhere I have purchased few books online, about meditation. I have read them with passion and since I just knew I want meditation to be part of my life, forever! Start wasn’t easy but nothing is at the beginning. I’m not the person who will easily give up as well. I was doing already promoted meditation but with time when I have learned on how to control my thoughts, believes, brain activities I have develop my own meditation techniques and standards as well in order to achieve my ultimate goal.

Get Inspired

I want you to know that you can create this for yourself too... it doesn’t have to be 60 mins of meditating if you can’t allow it. It can be 10 mins, 5 mins, but it should be a part of your daily routine.

I can sincerity say to you – MEDITATION will improve your life! Create your own routine!

I will be coming back to this topic in my further posts, so keep watching please. Good luck!