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I'm Self-Love & Confidence Coach 

I'm Certified Life Coach focusing on Self-Love and Confidence. I hold NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification both accredited by ICF. I love helping others who are struggling in their life with lack of Self-Confidence - Self-Esteem, Self-Respect, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love. Sometimes life is giving us lots of challenges at once what can affect our ability to concentrate on how we are feeling. Usually we are ignoring this inadvertently as we are directing our energy towards something else  i.e. developing business or career, relationship etc.

In many cases lack of self-worth and confidence was seeded in the individual during their young childhood and it was growing  ever since.

Topic of Self-Confidence is very intense, and the root causes are different from person to person. I’m helping clients to identify the root cause of their low Self-Confidence and using appropriate techniques, helping to heal and become Self-Loving and Confident person so they can achieve their life dreams and most importantly to be able to enjoy and appreciate it. Regardless if the dream is to success in business or career, relationship or just generally feel fulfilled in life.


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